Souls are monsters in Dark Rebirth with special properties and functions such as leveling a monster a lot, or erasing all skills. Unlike Dark Summoner, skill spirits do not exist due to the ability to transfer skills without a spirit and a maximum of 3 skills.


All souls are used in sacrificing to level up a monster by a great amount, or have a specific function in sacrifice. Every Soul is in this catagory if it exists in Dark Rebirth.

Leveling SoulsEdit

Name BP Rank
Soul of Wisdom 100 B
Soul of Wisdom+ 150 B+
Soul of Enlightenment 200 A
Soul of Enlightenment+ 300 A+

The amount of levels each soul can give varies on BP amount and rarity.

Missing/Removed SoulsEdit

One soul is absent from Rebirth that exists in it's predecessor Dark Summoner are;

Name BP Rank
'Soul of Philosophy' 1,000 A
'Soul of Philosophy+' 2,200 A+

Function SoulsEdit

Currently, only one type of Soul other than Leveling Souls exist in Dark Rebirth.Skill Spirits are absent due to the ability to transfer skills without Spirits and the maximum of 3 Skills per monster.

Name Function
Soul of Repression Completely erases all the skills of the monster it is
Sacrificed to.

Where to findEdit

Souls are hard to find in Dark Rebirth. Leveling Souls can be found in the Secret Quest, Passage to Hades. Function Souls however, can't be found and are only currently obtainable through events. Leveling Souls can also be obtained via achievements like the 'trainer' achievement.

Name of Soul Appears in...
Soul of Wisdom Passage to Hades- Easy, Passage to Hades-Midlevel,
Passage to Hades-Hard
Soul of Wisdom+ Passage to Hades-Easy, Passage to Hades- Midlevel,
Passage to Hades-Hard
Soul of Enlightenment Passage to Hades-Hard
Soul of Enlightenment+ Passage to Hades-Hard