Note: Many skills do not stack. This means that only one type of each skill will take effect during battle.

Ex. If two monsters have Increase Party Defense, the monster that goes first with Increase Party Defense will cast its skill.

The max skill level is 20. To increase your skill monster's skill level, sacrifice one monster with the same skill name (skill level doesn't have to be the same). Note, the monster's skill level MAY NOT increase and the chances of it increasing decreases as your monster's skill increases. You will have a higher chance of leveling up your monster's skill level if your sacrificed monster has a higher skill level.

It is highly suggested to only sacrifice monsters who has a rank of B+ or lower, and only to increase a monster's skill if their rank is A+ or higher. (Exception is the B/B+ tournament). It should be noted when sacrificing to A's and AA's that the skill level and/or skill is reset to the default when evolving, so keep this in mind if you plan to evolve a monster.

You can change a monster's skill (or give a monster a skill) by sacrifing a spirit. (Sleep Spirit, Lower Attack Spirit, etc.)

For the following charts, SL = Skill Level.

Ex: Ambush ~ 20%(+2%xSL) chance: 2x ATK for 1st attack

Level 5   -> SL = 5 so 2% x 5 = 10%   -> 20% + 10% = 30%



Quest Areas
Where Found
Ambush 20%(+2%xSL) chance: 2x ATK for 1st attack 2
Bloodlust Increase Formation ATK by 5%(+1%xSL) 3, 15, 19, 21
Cripple Decrease enemy ATK by 5%(+1%xSL) 7
Dominate 1%(+?xSL) chance to Capture defeated enemies
Evade Increase Formation dodge chance by 3%(+?xSL)
Expose Decrease enemy DEF by 5%(+1%xSL) 7
Focus Increase Formation crit chance by 5%(+1%xSL) 19
Greed 1% extra gold for defeating enemies


Increase Formation DEF by 5%(+1%xSL)
Haste Increase Formation speed by 5%(+1%xSL) 14 
Rush 20%(+2%xSL) chance: Attack the enemy first 3, 8, 11, 12, 20
Scout 50%(+?%xSL) chance: Dodge enemy First Strike



Quest Areas
Where Found
Antidote 80%(+?xSL) chance: Cure Poison on  your Monsters
Bandage Monsters in your Formation heal 2000(+?xSL) HP
Blink 30%(+?xSL) chance: Cancel next enemy attack
Blizzard Strike all enemies for 2000(+?xSL) damage
Chilling Armor ? 8
Chilling Touch Strike all enemies for 500(+25xSL) damage
Cleanse 60%(+?xSL) chance: Cure debuffs on your Monsters
Corrode 30%(+2%xSL) chance: Kill enemy Creations 12, 16
Deathtrap 60%(+?xSL) chance: Kill enemy Beasts
Exorcise 40%(+1%xSL) chance: Kill enemy Demons 5
Exterminate 40%(+1%xSL) chance: Kill enemy Crawlers
Fear 20%(+2%xSL) chance: Kill enemy Brutes & Mystics 17
Fire Lance Strike 1 enemy for 5000(+250xSL) damage
Flame Burst Strike all enemies for 500(+25xSL) damage 4
Frozen Blade Strike 1 enemy for 5000(+250xSL) damage
Gale Force Strike all enemies for 500(+25xSL) damage 5, 14
Gale Hammer Strike 1 enemy for 5000(+250xSL) damage
Heal Monsters in your Formation heal 10%(+4%xSL) HP
Inferno Strike all enemies for 2000(+250xSL) damage
Magic Armor Increase your Rearguard DEF by 50%(+4%xSL)
Magic Shroud Decrease enemy Crit chance 30%(+2%xSL)
Magic Strikes Increase your Vanguard ATK by 50%(+?%xSL)
Paralyze Paralyze 1 enemy, disabling them
Poison Poison all enemies for a few turns 6
Prayer 70%(+2%xSL) chance: Kill enemy Undead
Revive Revive your disabled Monsters
Sleep Puts foes to sleep, disabling them
Twin Blades
Wind Hammer Strike 1 enemy for 5000(+250xSL) damage 19
Wyrm Bind Reduce HP of enemy Wyrm by 30%(+?%xSL)