In the land of Gatharia you have the ability to send Scavengers out to collect Items, Gold & Monsters. A new area is unlocked daily (Needs confirmation), and each have a different 'Stage type' And common monster species. You send scavengers to find loot in these areas.


Scavengers are hired to find the player loot in selected areas for soul points.These sets of loot can range anywhere from small amounts of gold to valuble items like potions. You hire scavengers with Soul Points, and each are unique. Scavenger selection changes every 24 hours. Scavangers have ratings in ★'s, which show how good they are at finding that specific loot. Only Items and Monsters are rated, gold is not. Scavengers cost more Soul Points based on their rating. Scavengers also have skills, like Decreased Scavenge Time, which reduces the amount of time for a scavenge to be complete. Scavengers have areas that they excel at scavenging in, and they grant better rewards if they are placed in these areas.