Enter The World Of Dark Rebirth

Dark Rebirth is a 3D Quest set in a dark fantasy world. Players explore realistic 3D Quest areas and engage in battles against the powerful Boss monsters that lie in wait.

Epic 3D Boss Battles

Become engrossed in this beautifully rendered world featauring stunning Quest areas and imposing Boss Monstters -- all rendered in eye-popping 3D!

Over 600 Monsters

Dark Rebirth features over 600 unique and high-quality Monsters, many of which were designed by famous illustratore! many Monsters from Dark Rebirth's predecessor "Dark Summoner" also return in improved forms!

Assembling Strong Formations Is Vital

While raising your Formation Monsters, cooperate with friends and effectively use rare items found during !Quests to take down powerful Bosses that await. Creating a Formation with monsters of the same Type, Species, etc. will activate Combos to further increase their power!

Simple And Easy Controls

Despite being a deep and strategic game, everything from exploring Quest areas to Battling Bosses can be done with the use of a single finger or thumb! Even players new to the genre can compete with experienced RPG veterans!